Logan Ross, freelance investigator, is called on by the police to find out why the federal government is investigating the Huntington Museum, the preeminent art museum of the region.

   The institution has acquired a mysterious masterpiece they’ve dubbed the Lost Raphael. Logan figures there’s something dirty about how they got it as they haven’t been exactly motormouthed about the details. But it turns out the painting is only the tip of the iceberg. Even as Logan plunges ahead in pursuit of the truth at the museum, where honest answers are rare as restrooms, the plot expands in concentric circles. The gravity of the crimes increases, their number proliferates, their scope broadens and the villains Logan takes on, from corrupt officials to local gangsters to cutthroat heavily-armed international smugglers, become increasingly violent.

   Can Logan keep up with the escalation? Can he keep up with the museum’s aristocratic beauty he is falling for, even while suspecting she may be part of the crime scheme? And when their lives depend on it, as Logan sets out to turn tables on the killers, can he depend on her and can she keep up with him?

Equally at home in upscale art galleries or downmarket saloons as

in the mean streets of the inner city or the halls of colleges and

museums, Sean Moore pulls you through

the cultural and criminal layers of his

native city and along the deep cold water

coast to the North of it.

The author studied at Boston University

School of the Arts and The University of

Connecticut School of Fine Arts.  He has

taught at several New England colleges

and universities including The Art

Institute of Boston, The New England

School of Art & Design at Suffolk

University, and Tufts University.

New detective is smart, funny, sexy.”

             amazon review

“Great suspense and the characters extremely vivid. I loved so many of the similes I kept finding a new favorite!!!!!!

    The info about art and the art world itself is fascinating, authentic. Savvy, knowledge, and skill are on every single page! 

    The writing is evocative, vivid, wry, clever. The characters extremely well defined, Logan is very clear, very solid. I'm really impressed. Great! phenomenal!!”      

                Newton Writing

When a priceless 500-year old Raphael painting turns up under questionable circumstances in the Huntington Museum, Boston-based art professor/ investigator Logan Ross is recruited to figure out who has pulled off the greatest heist of the 21st century, and discovers that someone out there is willing to do whatever it takes to shut him up. In this tightly-wrought novel of danger and suspense, author Sean Moore takes us on a nail-chomping trip into the fascinating corrupt underbelly of the art world with a wry, likeable hero, bad ass thugs, and a beautiful woman. Masterfully written, The Raphael Conspiracy is an absolute Must Read for mystery lovers.”  

             Boston Literary Magazine

“...reminds one of Raymond Chandler's hard boiled private eye, Marlowe... Ross's wisecracks, jabs, and one-liners are fun to read...and plenty of danger and suspense at every turn...Sean Moore's brilliant novel The Raphael Conspiracy.”

             Jeffrey Miller

             Ice Cream Headache

Logan Ross. As tough as Mike Hammer, clever as Spenser, sophisticated as Nick Charles, relentless as Daniel Silva's Gabriel Allon, smart as The Da Vinci Code's Robert Langdon, deadly as Joe Pike, Logan leads you irresistibly forward in this thriller.  As you come reeling out the back end of this book you'll realize you've been highly entertained and also know a lot of stuff you didn't know before.”

                Mark Dargon

                My Best Friend


If you’re a hard-boiled detective mystery lover you don’t dare miss out on The Raphael Conspiracy

With a rogue’s gallery of bad guys after him, Logan Ross bursts upon the scene in new detective mystery/thriller, The Raphael Conspiracy.

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